A boldness

in the mountain pastures ...


  • « Cosmique »

    Duplex-bathroom-terrace From 150 euros per night

    Haute saison : 250 € / Moyenne saison : 200 € / Basse saison : 180 €

    Each item from this room has been given new life as opposed to being destroyed. At night you can gaze at the starry-like light fixtures and marvel at the floor , which is the same colour as natural rock. In the morning you can enjoy a magnificent view of the forest whilst your senses take in the natural materials used in this magical room...

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  • « Mélèse »

    uplex-bathroom-shower-terrace From 170 euros per night)

    Haute saison : 250 € / Moyenne saison :200 € / Basse saison : 190 €

    Melese is a type of wood that shows us the power of nature. The tree grows well in the cold and flourishes in any kind of environment. It grows slowly all the while opening the way for other wood to grow. Similarly, the room welcomes the guest into a space where the strength of the tree is present throughout; the wooden staircase hung from the branches, a sink intertwined with the trunk of the actual tree and a large sunken bath upstairs.You will discover the beauty, smells and more importanty, the essence of nature through the strong, soft carvings in the wood.

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  • « Bois flotté »

    Duplex-Bathrom-terrace From 150 euros per night

    Haute saison : 200 € / Moyenne saison : 170 € / Basse saison : 150 €

    Bois Flotte is a partially decomposed wood, which is hollowed out and washed up by the sea and the rivers. It can be used to create shelter and, in certain cases, as the foundation of a wooden cabin. With this, our designer takes us into the Norse mythology, where the first humans were created out of driftwood, ash and elm and transformed by the God ODIN into human beings - yet another connection between nature and civilisation. The room has a soft, light feeling much like the freshness of a river. Simple techniques such as nailing and drilling have been used. The wood has been left to dry naturally as opposed to using chemical treatment, as the lakes have already prepared the wood perfectly. There is a wooden sink, transformed from its natural element into its inspiration. Wood has been gathered here and there and preserved as a work of art. Serenity is the main feeling you will get from this decor...

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  • « Bouleau »

    Dulpex-bathroom-terrace From 150 euros per night

    Haute saison : 200 € / Moyenne saison : 170 € / Basse saison : 150 €

    This room evokes the Scandinavian origin of our designer. Bouleau, a deciduous and majestic tree boasts many properties. With its white bark, our decorator plays on the colours, like a checker board of white and black. Her love of nature is conveyed through her hand drawn artwork on the walls but combines her fresh and creative designs with ancient wood and fragile vegetation. A room filled with emotion and sensitivity; it symbolises wisdom. Sacred tree bark has been used to decorate, leading to a romantic bedroom, boasting an elegant and glamorous canopy bed. The delicate materials and light fixtures in this room create almost a personal light show to enjoy after a delicious meal.

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  • « Nid d'Amour »

    Shower-toilet-terrace From 100 euros per night

    Haute saison : 160 € / Moyenne saison : 140 € / Basse saison : 100 €

    This is our most intimate room for 2 people to simply relax and marvel at the snowy mountains. A small area with an open shower and a sink; this is the perfect room for a romantic night with a loved one then a lazy morning in a cosy bed after a delicious full breakfast.

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  • « Refuge »

    Large room-bathroom-toilet-terrace From 150 euros per night

    Haute saison : 250 € / Moyenne saison : 170 € / Basse saison : 150 €

    This is a family apartment all on the same floor. A large shared room with bunk beds in the corner for the children and a large double bed for the adults. Outside the double doors you will find a secluded terrace at the foot of a hill where you can watch passing deer, does and wild animals. The decoration is used to make us think of the environment's immense resources, as though nature protects us. Here you will find refuge.

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